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Champions League
Borussia Dortmund 3:0 Shakhtar Donetsk

(Santana 31’, Götze 37’, Blaszczykowski 59’)

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the team you support ─ Borussia Dortmund

«  I say that Borussia Dortmund, Bayern and Juventus can win the Champions League. » ─ Ottmar Hitzfeld

You just watch them and you know that today, BVB is one of the greatest teams ever. Even when you don’t like them, you have to respect them. They went through everything, from failure, trouble, to success and achievement. They always become stronger, keep going, learning from their mistakes and history, always working to do better. Always trying to achieve something and gaining respect through the world. This club has history, and is going to make it. It’s constantly a pleasure to watch them play on the pitch, and even more when they’re at home. All of them. The team isn’t revolving around someone or a duo and moreover : they’re twelve. The 80,720 persons here to support them also count. When the Südtribüne is still up and jumping for them. Even when shit happens. And even the fans who can’t make it to the stadium are always here to support ─ or wish they could go too one day. Because this club just make you proud of wearing black and yellow at the same time. Something we can consider as true love.

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I finally changed the blog. Follow me here from now on !

Too many problems and shits with having three blogs at the same time so i started anew. It will be the same as i’ll keep posting pictures from götze at first, but you’ll see more personal posts and other players.. And I’ll be able to follow you back :)

I won’t update this blog anymore, just keeping it as an archive, feel free to unfollow (and follow the new one :p) if you want to !

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3:0 Unser Spieler mit der Nummer 9:





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Kuba!!! Borussia Dortmund 1 - 0 Nuremberg

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My little football blog: Arsenal to Purchase City of Dortmund


In a bold move, Arsene Wenger has convinced the the Arsenal Football Club to bypass going after individual players and actually bypass dealing with the club completely. “We decided to purchase the city of Dortmund” said Wenger. “We are tired of being rebuffed by Dortmund.

I really fancy most…

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So you want to change in 2013? You want to lose weight and be happier? Well, i want you to think for a minute. Imagine in 25 weeks time, standing on a gorgeous white beach under the hot sun in some faraway country. You have reached your Ultimate Goal Weight, and you are the fittest and healthiest you have ever been. You have bought a whole wardrobe of new clothes, which all fit perfectly. People compliment you on your body, and you have piles of people flirting with you. You are finally happy. But this didn’t come without a lot of pain, sweat and tears. You think it’ll be easy? You think you’ll see results after one workout? You are wrong. If you want to be that person on the beach 6 months from now, you have to work your ass off. You have to be willing to give up the foods you love. You have to be ready to exercise until you collapse. NEVER GIVE UP. Because you aren’t going to reach your UGW by only exercising some of the time, and only eating healthily some of the time. It’s all or nothing from now on. Give it 100%.

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“Mourinho is the only football manager I’ve seen who celebrates a goal or a win in exactly the same style as his players.” - Desmond Morris

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Requested by anon.

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Mario Götze via Instagram

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Felix & Mario Götze :)

…gibt leider kaum gemeinsame Bilder..:)